Liminal Peace

Liminal Peace

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

There is a liminal peace, a liminal peace right at the edge of this temporal world, right there,

right at the edge.

It does not intrude upon our busy lives.

It ripples there at the edge, the leading edge, the edge of Creation.

It is not exactly hidden, but we seldom enter it.

It is the thinnest of boundaries, beyond which is the deepest of Realities.

It surprises, because little in our world would lead us to expect that a boundary of peace enwraps us.

It is approached only with intent; but it does not retreat from our explorations.

It is we who retreat from our explorations of this layer of peace in which our furious world is contained.

This peace lies beyond us, and we can reach it only by searching within us.

No need to tell anyone about it.  It is not a particularly popular topic.

You cannot make money from it, and those who claim that for a price they will introduce you to this peace are the last ones to know it.

A liminal peace, nothing we can grasp, nothing we can grab and pull back into our seething carnal world……yet it is there for the taking, its thin veneer brushing against the soul as the shimmering edge bids entry into a realm that lies beyond and underlies our world of frenetic corporeal survival.

A liminal peace, at the edge of our world, at the center of our world.

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

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