Our Nature

Our Nature

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

For millennia humanity struggled with Nature, simply hoping against odds to somehow survive.

Then we won. We got our agricultural revolution and our industrial revolution and our information revolution and we settled into our boxes, little house boxes and tall office boxes and little rolling boxes to get us from one to the other. Most of us could pretend our struggles with Nature were over and we could isolate ourselves from Nature unless it appeared in a calendar picture or a television program. This was perfectly understandable after the millennia of struggle and fear and cold and drought.

Then we got sick, spiritually sick, heart sick, societally sick, for as a species we had locked ourselves into solitary confinement, isolated away from that which gave us birth and made us human. Our games and entertainment and luxuries and endless distractions tried to replace the role that Nature once filled but the results were ever deeper malaise and madness.

A new potential beckons if we would but recognize it. We no longer need to fear Nature. We no longer need to hide from it. Our technology gives us the wondrous opportunity to explore, to enter, to immerse in Nature while maintaining the secure material life to which we are understandably accustomed. We can safely crawl out of our boxes if we dare. We can breathe the air, if we remove our smoke. We can splash in the crystalline waters, if we remove our chemicals.

We can walk in the rain, lie in the sun, and play in the snow. We just have to get out of our boxes, physical and mental.

We can celebrate Nature, no longer afraid or intimidated……if we haven’t killed it.

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

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