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The Reassuring Universe e-book (free)

The Reassuring Universe paperback and Kindle

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Doubt and Reassurance Vol 1 e-book (free)

Doubt and Reassurance Vol 1 paperback and Kindle

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Doubt and Reassurance Vol 2 paperback and Kindle

Some degrees in physics, some time in research laboratories and thatched hut villages, some teaching in universities and management in international technology: all sound like credentials to lend credibility to the role of “author”. But such experiences provide only tools and terminology and opportunity, not wisdom and insight. You and I share the same foundation for whatever wisdom and insight we may glean out of life: the joys and grief, the celebrations and hunger that make up daily living. I hope through my books my knowledge of physics and funerals, science and spirit, quanta and cultures, can help you bridge the illusory gap between intellect and heart. If so, that will happen not through transfer of wisdom, but through an opening of windows to allow realization of your own wisdom. Questioning “what” and “how” led me to universities and degrees in physics. Questioning “why” led me to cathedral and temple and mosque. I have been blessed to learn from a winner of the Einstein Award and from village shamans. But such learning seems inconsequential in comparison to life’s lessons: the grim look on the face when after the wreck you ask “will she be OK?”…the feel of the hospital sheets after the stroke…and every warm embrace and authentic smile and sincere welcome.
I am grateful to professors and priests, research centers and jungle shrines.
But they provide only the paint color to be applied to the structure built of the scope of real life, built of pets and people, love and loneliness, homes and hospitals.
I pray my degrees and travel, survival and losses, that led to my books and writing can bring a little light to your very real life and reveal to you the brightness of your heart’s wisdom and the Source awaiting our discovery.


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