Small World

Small World
Copyright 2017 Don Ray

The world looks small this morning, the thinness of the atmosphere somehow evident, the rippling geology only a thin crust, the burgeoning population compressed into an acutely finite area.

Big earth or small earth, like everything the difference lies only in our mind, qualia of terminology fooling us into imagining relative scales of our own creation have some actual meaning.

If the perceived largeness and smallness of entire planets and galaxies are merely a whim of our momentary fancy, speaking not of the object we declare to be large or small but actually just reflecting our perception of our own scale of relative influence or subservience to the object in question, how much credence should we give to all our other judgements, beliefs, and paradigms?
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Our Actions: Coerced, compelled, and chosen

Our Actions: Coerced; Compelled; Chosen

Copyright 2017 Don Ray
The answers are all right before us. The structure of existence, the nature of our being, the summary of purpose and meaning, it is all right before us.
Look just a little deeper, just a little deeper.

Gently peel away the worldly façade and recognize what is really transpiring in most of our human endeavors.

Everything we do falls into a few categories. 1) We do that which we think facilitates our survival-security-and comfort. 2) We do that which connects us to something or someone. 3) We do that which is irrationally loving. Continue reading “Our Actions: Coerced, compelled, and chosen”

Coalescing Confluence of Circumstance

Copyright 2016 Don Ray

Coalescing confluence of circumstance: isn’t that what leads much of our lives?…that and disruptive shocks.

Is it really unreasonable …to perceive our lives as being led?  We rebel against the notion, insisting we are in control.  But honest assessment of our personal histories usually reveals conscious choice played a bit part compared to the coalescing confluence.

The tides and currents and waves are out of our control, and there is great peace to be had in admitting that.

Our capacity, and our responsibility, lies in our choice as to which tides we will feel, which currents we will allow to touch us.  Before Continue reading “Coalescing Confluence of Circumstance”

Evolution Within the Revolution

Copyright 2016 Don Ray

Watching my computer screen dance as a McAfee technician in India works on my computer.  Day nine (?) of the computer saga.

What is this strange new way of being?!  We insert just enough familiar words in our digital lexicon to give an impression that this is of our own creation and control.

So now we watch bits of information flicker across our screen, for the moment still deigning to communicate in cryptic collections of runes that allow some rudimentary illusion of our control…..for now.

It is so easy to just sit and watch them flicker, while across our thoughts flickers a nascent awareness that they are watching us. Continue reading “Evolution Within the Revolution”

Cranial Caucus: confusing conundrums of consciousness

Cranial Caucus

Copyright 2007-2016 Don Ray

Self-awareness, thoughts arising from within the self, objective-external sensory inputs, the self’s filtering and perception of those external inputs, dictated-genetically programmed thoughts and behaviors, randomly firing neurons and synapses, reactions and automatic responses, and somewhere in that cacophony, the whispering of the Holy Spirit?!

Good grief, can consciousness really be so complicated?! And I’ve not even yet invoked the mysterious subconscious!

Maybe we should introduce a few possessing spirits while we’re at it!….and let’s not leave out addictions, lusts, and hungers, with their concomitant ability to deftly weave Continue reading “Cranial Caucus: confusing conundrums of consciousness”