Judgement Days

Judgement Days

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

Never has humanity had such opportunity to judge and critique so many of our fellow humans.
Our media connections offer endless opportunities for judgement, and we greedily gather all of them in,
each broadcast,
each analysis,
each report,
all the daily fodder that provides the grist for our mill of judgement of others, Continue reading “Judgement Days”



Copyright 2016 Don Ray

The worst of humanity,

the best of humanity,

both appearing at the most unexpected times.

Always dangerous, these potential children of God.

At the drop of a hat they can bring a tear to your eye,

a tear of pain or a tear of joy. Continue reading “Humans”

Flickering Faith

Copyright 2016 Don Ray

Our faith

like the candle flame,

flickers in the terror filled storms of world’s dark night.

Our faith,

like the candle flame,

endures to set the world alight.

Written 14 December 2012 on the evening of the Newtown school shooting.  Rediscovered on the 2016 anniversary after a year in which the president elect of the United States has complemented the radio personality that promoted the theory that the shooting was a hoax.

Copyright 2016 Don Ray


Copyright 2016 Don Ray


person to person,


oft unseen.


Do not pretend you have no role.

Do not pretend every word does not matter.


The speeches and grandiose proclamations may not matter,

for they are of the world, for the world, in the world.


But a word, a gesture, an attitude, an expression,

the countless ways that your soul is nakedly revealed,

there is the influence.


Persona and policies are transient and ephemeral.

But the touch cold or warm,

the word cruel or caring,

there your life loudly echoes through eternity.


Your influence,

seen in a little child’s eyes

made brighter or dimmer

in the wake of your passing.


Copyright 2016 Don Ray

If touched or inspired, please pass it on.


Courage Walks Alone

Courage Walks Alone

Copyright 2016 Don Ray

At the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure to combat breast cancer

Ten minutes after sunrise, crowds in pink stream in, then shuffle blank faced around the grounds before getting in one of the various long lines to dutifully collect bags of stuff and trinkets and baubles covered with marketing logos of the sponsors.

From the surrounding neighborhoods people stream in after finding a place to park, most of the pink clad people walking in groups of teams or families, some wearing “survivor” tags, some wearing “in memory of…” tags.

But an older gentleman walks alone, dignified in his crisp, new, pink-and-white t-shirt. He arrives alone. He will leave alone, his solitary participation eloquent testimony to the cost of the disease this event seeks to combat.

The droning speaker whom no one hears, the volunteers filling the bags of baubles provided by sponsors, they are all beautiful in their worldly attempt to address a cause of suffering….but it all must ring a bit hollow to the dignified older gentleman in pink and white, who more than festival and frivolous costumes could surely use a hug and that missing familiar hand in his.

If this blessed, helped, or healed, please pass it on

Copyright 2016 Don Ray

Hugged by Trees

Hugged by Trees

Copyright 2007-2016 Don Ray

In perfection of harmony these old trees judge not.  Still and quiet and peaceful they stand, teaching one more lesson.

Their randomly tangled limbs, reaching this way and that, reveal life reaching, life reaching in every direction.

These limbs could be our lives, our lives every bit as crooked and tangled as they blindly reach for Light.

But unlike our fading past and hidden future, in the trees’ branches that groping life-path is documented, each twist and change of direction and simultaneous growth in multiple directions all there to be seen, an entire life history sculpted through, and suspended in, thin air.

Might our lives not look similar could we see them in their entirety, from beginning to end, our growing roots reaching into the earth, Continue reading “Hugged by Trees”

Perceiving Purpose

Perceiving Purpose

Copyright 2007-2016 Don Ray

On yesterday’s hike I was entranced by the wall of trees blanketing the opposite canyon wall.  I marveled at the intricate network of branches on trees on this side of the canyon.

Today I recognize that there before us is displayed a model representing all existence.  Each tree symbolizes a universe.  The chaos of branches and roots represents exploration in every possible direction, seemingly random and chaotic exploration, exploring every life-form, every geologic form, every stellar form, every planetary form.

In the tree, arising out of the roiling, random chaos of branches reaching this way and that, appears an unambiguous direction of growth, always up, always toward the sun.  But the general direction of growth, the reaching down for water and up for sun, is indiscernible if looking too closely at only one or two or three knotted roots and twisted branches.

Underlying the random chaos of the branches is the structure of DNA, analogous to the laws of physics for a universe.  Continue reading “Perceiving Purpose”