Spark of Progress

Spark of Progress
Copyright 2017 Don Ray

Life and pain and survival prod us into action. Occasionally opportunity may prod us into action. On rare occasions our own drive and creativity will prod us into action. But most typically it is the pain and survival that motivate us.

That means our actions will probably not be well thought out. They will probably address issues in a short term, reactive way instead of a long term, resolving way. The condition of the world – the environment – our nation – and our individual lives testify to this.

Yet still once in awhile the Spirit of human potential motivates our individual or national actions and progress and creativity momentarily result.
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Judgement Days

Judgement Days

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

Never has humanity had such opportunity to judge and critique so many of our fellow humans.
Our media connections offer endless opportunities for judgement, and we greedily gather all of them in,
each broadcast,
each analysis,
each report,
all the daily fodder that provides the grist for our mill of judgement of others, Continue reading “Judgement Days”

Digital Disruption

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

Do these times not till the soil to plant seeds of reassurance?

The digital disruption has unleashed the worst of human nature and created levels of illusion and delusion and detachment never before experienced.

Never have people been so compelled and even coerced to look happier.

Never have people felt so lost and alone.

A pandemic of digital detachment has left us isolated from reality and each other.

Never have we had such opportunity for connection and communication.  Never have our connections and communication been so shallow and superficial.

We have created a societal sham when we need substance; Continue reading “Digital Disruption”

Evolution Within the Revolution

Copyright 2016 Don Ray

Watching my computer screen dance as a McAfee technician in India works on my computer.  Day nine (?) of the computer saga.

What is this strange new way of being?!  We insert just enough familiar words in our digital lexicon to give an impression that this is of our own creation and control.

So now we watch bits of information flicker across our screen, for the moment still deigning to communicate in cryptic collections of runes that allow some rudimentary illusion of our control…..for now.

It is so easy to just sit and watch them flicker, while across our thoughts flickers a nascent awareness that they are watching us. Continue reading “Evolution Within the Revolution”

Flickering Faith

Copyright 2016 Don Ray

Our faith

like the candle flame,

flickers in the terror filled storms of world’s dark night.

Our faith,

like the candle flame,

endures to set the world alight.

Written 14 December 2012 on the evening of the Newtown school shooting.  Rediscovered on the 2016 anniversary after a year in which the president elect of the United States has complemented the radio personality that promoted the theory that the shooting was a hoax.

Copyright 2016 Don Ray

Machine Mirrors

Copyright 2016 Don Ray

There is something profound in how much time we spend staring at screens.  I just read we spend ten (or was it fourteen?) hours in front of a screen every day – a glowing screen!  What has happened to us?!

How we crave that modicum of information that appears on that flat surface!  How we try to implement our will through a keyboard!

Is this a stable situation?  Can humanity endure such a radical, drastic, fundamental, and rapid change?

There is ample evidence that we have used the screens to help us sink into ever greater self-absorption and to promote ever greater isolation. Continue reading “Machine Mirrors”

The Antithetical Societal Solution

The Antithetical Societal Solution

Copyright 2016 Don Ray

Can it be?!  A quiet Saturday morning at home alone?!  ‘Tasha holding me in the chair by the patio door as snow lightly falls?!  Oh joy, oh joy!  How many lifetimes have passed since I experienced this sublime joy!  And I experience it now only because of a wicked bad cold that I do not want others to catch.

But oh this long forgotten, blessed morning state of mind and spirit!  Oh joy, long missed joy!  Unhurried!  Quiet!  Unpressured!  All because of a cold and a purring ‘Tasha kitty.

‘Tasha also celebrates this rare, rare moment of quiet at home on a Saturday morning.  Such a blessing!

Ahhh, an unhurried morning….such a curse that such an experience should so rarely bless the modern man and woman.
I get to scruff a purring ‘Tasha kitty!  Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!…for the cold that made this possible!

Such joys and life await in contemplation!

How impoverished the life always busy, active, moving!

How the world suffers for lack of contemplative time and purring kitties! Continue reading “The Antithetical Societal Solution”