No Time for Grief

No Time for Grief

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

No time for grief, these times, no time for grief. Too much to get done in too short a time. Too little hope to risk letting that last flickering ember go out.

The madness has penetrated too deep and too high, to the highest echelons and the deepest of the sandy foundations.

There is no time to waste when the beams and girders that supported society are already falling in twisted heaps about our heads.

The charade is over – the facades are falling – the masquerade has reached its grotesque, unforeseeable, and inevitable conclusion.

Hold fast to what love you can in the deluge, hold fast to what is truly precious, as the swirling flotsam of material disaster batters and bashes in taunting reminder of its once decadent uselessness.

Copyright 2017 Don Ray



Liminal Peace

Liminal Peace

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

There is a liminal peace, a liminal peace right at the edge of this temporal world, right there,

right at the edge.

It does not intrude upon our busy lives.

It ripples there at the edge, the leading edge, the edge of Creation.

It is not exactly hidden, but we seldom enter it.

It is the thinnest of boundaries, beyond which is the deepest of Realities. Continue reading “Liminal Peace”

Bridges of Sound and Light

Bridges of Sound and Light

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

Sound and light, this stuff that serves as the tenuous connection among souls, this flimsy bridge we struggle to refine and craft and carve and polish, then call it “art”.

Sound and light, fleeting and gone in the very moment we perceive them, but imparting some miniscule fraction of another’s soul into our consciousness, thereby making us conscious of our own soul.

The composers and musicians and painters and poets are the spiritual corps of engineers, fabricating their structures to bridge the void between our souls.

Music can shine a light, paintings can stir rhythms, and we are left more human by their touch.

The palette of notes and the chords of colors hover before our consciousness, inviting us to awareness, momentarily filling the void between us, revealing visions and dreams and aspirations shared, their fading echoes and receding glow leaving us a little less alone.      Copyright 2017 Don Ray…….share


Symphony of Chance

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

Symphony of Chance

Hear the chimes,

that penetrating sound,

the sound of wind instantiated.

Harmonious, ethereal sound

released by impact

            and collision.

Hear the chimes,

allow their ringing to


a purity of frequency

from which to build

            a world.

Let others wrestle with

            meanings Continue reading “Symphony of Chance”



Copyright 2017 Don Ray

So inconvenient,

 these physical forms,

so inconvenient.

The Light barely penetrates the surface,

leaving us to our madness.

Occasional sparks and flickers

are promptly quenched,

for no one likes change.

  We are used to the dark, Continue reading “Light”


Oh the joys of contemplative prayer.  Oh the touch of Reality.

Oh the blindness.

The mind insists it cannot see the future.

The mind insists it cannot know what to do.

The mind feels itself encased in corporeal form.

Inputs from that corporeal form, transitory and illusory, dominate the conscious experience.

Rhythms flow and colors unseen fill Continue reading “Incarnationalism”