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Our Actions: Coerced, compelled, and chosen

Our Actions: Coerced; Compelled; Chosen

Copyright 2017 Don Ray
The answers are all right before us. The structure of existence, the nature of our being, the summary of purpose and meaning, it is all right before us.
Look just a little deeper, just a little deeper.

Gently peel away the worldly façade and recognize what is really transpiring in most of our human endeavors.

Everything we do falls into a few categories. 1) We do that which we think facilitates our survival-security-and comfort. 2) We do that which connects us to something or someone. 3) We do that which is irrationally loving. Continue reading “Our Actions: Coerced, compelled, and chosen”

The Scrum of Our Beliefs

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

Inter-human interactions…..

no experience comes closer to knowing God.

No experience can so promptly and radically drive us away from all that is holy.

We may see God in those interactions if we have already made God’s acquaintance. 

We may in those inter-human interactions see the reason for hell. 

There, in the grip of the handshake or the blow of the fist, we will feel whatever of God is within us and will sense the Void only God can fill.

In our interactions with and responses to our fellow humanity we will experience the breadth of goodness and the depths of evil. 

It is there, there in the interactions with our fellow children of God, that the questions of the ages will arise and the contradictory answers will be lost.

There, there in the confusion and conflict of the scrum of our beliefs, we find our redemption and salvation in the ample opportunities for compassion and forgiveness.

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

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The Death of Personal Growth

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

Prodding people to personal growth.  Now there is a thankless task!…and often as not a hopeless task.

Yet the growth happens, by confluence of pain and shock and disruption, somehow the personal growth happens.

We survive.  We go on, blindly of course.  And somehow personal growth happens.

Not for everyone, not smoothly, not predictably, and certainly not voluntarily.

How simple it should be!  Simply be open to wisdom, seek and absorb all the wisdom you can, objectively weigh conflicting claims, and ferret out the wheat from the chaff. 

Expose one’s self to challenges and new circumstances.  Invite criticism.  Learn at every opportunity.  Think critically.  Personal growth should be so easy! Continue reading “The Death of Personal Growth”


Oh the joys of contemplative prayer.  Oh the touch of Reality.

Oh the blindness.

The mind insists it cannot see the future.

The mind insists it cannot know what to do.

The mind feels itself encased in corporeal form.

Inputs from that corporeal form, transitory and illusory, dominate the conscious experience.

Rhythms flow and colors unseen fill Continue reading “Incarnationalism”

Flickering Faith

Copyright 2016 Don Ray

Our faith

like the candle flame,

flickers in the terror filled storms of world’s dark night.

Our faith,

like the candle flame,

endures to set the world alight.

Written 14 December 2012 on the evening of the Newtown school shooting.  Rediscovered on the 2016 anniversary after a year in which the president elect of the United States has complemented the radio personality that promoted the theory that the shooting was a hoax.

Copyright 2016 Don Ray