Our Nature

Our Nature

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

For millennia humanity struggled with Nature, simply hoping against odds to somehow survive.

Then we won. We got our agricultural revolution and our industrial revolution and our information revolution and we settled into our boxes, little house boxes and tall office boxes and little rolling boxes to get us from one to the other. Most of us could pretend our struggles with Nature were over and we could isolate ourselves from Nature unless it appeared in a calendar picture or a television program. This was perfectly understandable after the millennia of struggle and fear and cold and drought.

Then we got sick, spiritually sick, heart sick, societally sick, for as a species we had locked ourselves into solitary confinement, isolated away from that which gave us birth and made us human. Our games and entertainment and luxuries and endless distractions tried to replace the role that Nature once filled but the results were ever deeper malaise and madness.

A new potential beckons if we would but recognize it. We no longer need to fear Nature. We no longer need to hide from it. Our technology gives us the wondrous opportunity to explore, to enter, to immerse in Nature while maintaining the secure material life to which we are understandably accustomed. We can safely crawl out of our boxes if we dare. We can breathe the air, if we remove our smoke. We can splash in the crystalline waters, if we remove our chemicals.

We can walk in the rain, lie in the sun, and play in the snow. We just have to get out of our boxes, physical and mental.

We can celebrate Nature, no longer afraid or intimidated……if we haven’t killed it.

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

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Impact of refugees

Impact of refugees

Copyright 2016 Don Ray
          On only rare occasions do we safe and well fed actually have to face the injustice, to look into the refugee’s eyes, to see the child being carried by a parent escaping war.  On only rare occasions do we get to ask, have to ask, what will we do for that person, for that child, for that parent.  Often as not we find no satisfactory answer, and we leave the desperate masses on the bridge or shore or sidewalk or shelter, while we return to our comfortable hotel room or home.
          But God help us if we are not changed by the encounter.  God help our souls if we do not ask what we can do, even if no answer is evident.
          What will we, the well fed in safe places, do about those hungry and at risk?
          We will not change the world, but can we change a life?  If so, must that change not start with our own life?
Copyright 2016 Don Ray

Syrian ceasefire

In the past hour, after five years of horror, a ceasefire is supposed to have been implemented in Syria.

What are fighters in Syria thinking right now?

Dear God, sitting in the dark, wondering what will happen I a few minutes. It is unimaginable.

Are some planning a surprise strike? Do any dare to imagine the possibility that no one will be shooting at them tomorrow morning?

Are commanders preparing them for a brief lull, using the opportunity to rebuild and restock? Are some commanders touting the real prospects and hopefulness of a ceasefire?

What is happening in the dark houses and holes and buildings and bunkers? Are many simply sleeping, letting the morning tell them whether “ceasefire” was just a dream?
Are some imagining what Continue reading “Syrian ceasefire”

Hugged by Trees

Hugged by Trees

Copyright 2007-2016 Don Ray

In perfection of harmony these old trees judge not.  Still and quiet and peaceful they stand, teaching one more lesson.

Their randomly tangled limbs, reaching this way and that, reveal life reaching, life reaching in every direction.

These limbs could be our lives, our lives every bit as crooked and tangled as they blindly reach for Light.

But unlike our fading past and hidden future, in the trees’ branches that groping life-path is documented, each twist and change of direction and simultaneous growth in multiple directions all there to be seen, an entire life history sculpted through, and suspended in, thin air.

Might our lives not look similar could we see them in their entirety, from beginning to end, our growing roots reaching into the earth, Continue reading “Hugged by Trees”

Choose Your Ticket: Auschwitz or the Roman Colosseum

Choose Your Ticket: Auschwitz or the Roman Colosseum

Copyright 2007 – 2016 Don Ray

Society’s attitude toward Auschwitz and the Roman Colosseum  may tell us something about ourselves.

Nobody likes Auschwitz.  Everyone perceives it as a place of tragedy, except for perhaps a handful of unrepentant psychopaths.

Now, go to the Colosseum.  Within its walls countless thousands upon thousands were murdered, executed, tortured, and generally torn asunder, no small number of them because of their non-conforming religious beliefs.  The Colosseum was a place of unbridled horror, blood, gore, terror, and suffering.

Auschwitz had to be kept hidden from the general populace.  Its perpetrators operated in secrecy behind walls.

The Colosseum operated for entertainment of the general public.  Admission was free.

The operators of Auschwitz were hunted down, Continue reading “Choose Your Ticket: Auschwitz or the Roman Colosseum”