Forgiving God

Forgiving God
Copyright 2017 Don Ray
Is it really all our fault?
Perhaps it is we who need to forgive God.
Blinded to spiritual Reality, the delusional veil of physical existence shrouding our conscious experience, that consciousness caged in a cranium and constrained to interact via a clumsy and defective wetware device called a brain, all the while the resulting attenuated conscious experience consumed by possessing demons of necessary hungers and lusts when not tortured by pain and fear, all anticipating the inevitable dark void of death….. Continue reading “Forgiving God”


Shadow Embrace

Shadow Embrace
Copyright 2017 Don Ray

The embrace of shadows,
welcoming home;
Mere projections of embrace,
offering hints
of the depths of connection.
Perfection dances behind the shadows,
projecting silhouettes of souls onto time,
that we might touch and be touched;
Welcome home, welcome home,
perfection hidden for now,
awaiting the timeless merging where now becomes past and future,
and the substance behind our shadows is revealed. Continue reading “Shadow Embrace”



Copyright 2017 Don Ray

It is of course worship, desperate, frantic, clinging worship.
It is worship of a memory, a past and prescient and present memory,
a memory alone in its nature,
a memory ineffable.
It is merely worship,
worship pure and distilled,
worship clumsy and groping;
worship of the unknown,
worship of the uncertain,
worship born of faith undeniable,
that kernel of faith left when all that once passed for faith has dissolved away. Continue reading “Worship”

Ghost of Perfection

Copyright 2017 Don Ray
What new can be said?
What new can possibly be said?
Has not all been spoken?
Have we not said everything possible?
What could be learned, what could possibly be taught?
Surely our limits to learning have long past been exceeded.
What could possibly entice anyone to sit and listen?
Yet in the moments of perfection,
in the flutter of a wing,
in a passing breeze,
in the foliage calm and serene and inviting,
waiting there,
waiting there,
are the lessons, Continue reading

Spark of Progress

Spark of Progress
Copyright 2017 Don Ray

Life and pain and survival prod us into action. Occasionally opportunity may prod us into action. On rare occasions our own drive and creativity will prod us into action. But most typically it is the pain and survival that motivate us.

That means our actions will probably not be well thought out. They will probably address issues in a short term, reactive way instead of a long term, resolving way. The condition of the world – the environment – our nation – and our individual lives testify to this.

Yet still once in awhile the Spirit of human potential motivates our individual or national actions and progress and creativity momentarily result.
Continue reading “Spark of Progress”

Carnivores and Cuddling

Carnivores and Cuddling

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

Down at the horse barn a crow insistently tries to tell me something of great urgency. S/he thrusts her head up with each syllable, but being human I am too dense to understand.

With the approach of another of my species the crow gives up and flies away in disgust.

The arriving person pays their sweet regards to the two little pigs. The warm affection these little guys elicit from visitors is quite touching. In this scene we see the world, the world since the Garden, the world of carnivores needing to eat, the world of dawning awareness of affection. In these morning visitors who so sweetly greet the rapidly growing pigs, pigs being raised to be executed and eaten, we see the embodiment of the nature of this world; we see affection and care and conscious awareness shining out from under the necessity to kill, butcher, and eat. Continue reading “Carnivores and Cuddling”

Knowledge of Good and Evil

Knowledge of Good and Evil

 Copyright 2017 Don Ray

(Reference: the Biblical tale of the Garden of Eden)

To have profound knowledge of good and evil you must be inescapably trapped in a situation out of your control. If you can merely wish yourself out of an unpleasant situation, if your conscious experience is not bound to some interaction matrix (the role served by this worldly temporal-physical existence), your experience of good and evil is no more real and substantive than if you were watching a movie or playing a video game.

If the circumstances and outcomes remain in your control you cannot experience good and evil with the full essence of your being.
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