One Liners

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

All this physical life is after all merely a parable, a corporeal telling of a tale with meanings disguised, a momentary riddle condensing truths eternal.

Life is an ongoing gift and struggle.  Give thanks for both.

We find our redemption in the opportunities for compassion and forgiveness.

Let yourself get a little lost that you might discover what you could never imagine.

Surrender is the culmination of spiritual courage.

We cannot receive answers from God until we give up the answers we want.

In politics you can win by uniting or conquer by dividing.  The former benefits the nation, the latter benefits the powerful.

Faith in God is not the same as faith in one’s understanding of God. Hold to the former. Keep the latter open.

Trust in the carnal world and you can see exactly what you get. Trust in faith and at least you have a chance of a miracle.

The only thing more pathetically mad than spiritual faith is putting trust in this world.

Take note, take note, of your inviolate essence, not constrained in a body, but expressed through the body.

The question is not what to do, but how to be.

Life centers about the small self until personal dances with Greater Consciousness.

Every personal gift, ability, and limitation can play a role in the unfolding universal Purpose.

As long as there is grief and sorrow hope still lives, for that means the spark of compassion still lives

Growth is a recurring process, a death process, a birth process, a life process, an eternal process.

Crucifixion in its many guises may be inevitable, but Resurrection in its many forms is a certainty.

Blame not the Source of Light for the darkness. It is we who must absorb it, reflect it, transmit it.

Light is everywhere, filling the world, waiting for the right surface, the right life, to reflect the Light and make it visible.

The same world wide web that drives our hunger for consumptive purchasing can instead communicate a message that fulfills and reassures.

Our digital delusions and marketing manipulations have left us hungering for the reliable and reassuring.

The fog of the superficial hides the substance.

Never have we had such opportunity for connection. Never have our connections been so shallow and superficial.

A pandemic of digital detachment has left us isolated from reality and each other.Never have people been so compelled and even coerced to look happier.

The modern digital disruption has resulted in heights of illusion and delusion and detachment never before experienced.

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

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